Expat broker: It is not easy to move to a foreign country. It is hard to find a home in the Netherlands. Especially in Utrecht. Utrecht is a really nice city. We have become an experienced guide in Utrecht. We know the best areas, we know the housing market in Utrecht and we know the law.

Buying Real Estate Expert

You are an expat and you will stay longer in The Netherlands than you first had in mind. The rent of your home is hight right now. It is a good idea to buy a home in The Netherlands. You like Utrecht and you know it a little bit. But is buying a house not an very complicated process? .You don’t know the laws and the regulations and doing so in a foreign country in another language actually increases the complexity of the process even more.  Buying a house is most of the time the largest investment a person ever makes. You don’t like overpaying to much, but you don’t know the right value.

Invest Real Estate

Maybe you live abroad and you like to invest in property you can rent out. Or you might live abroad and like to purchase an investment property that you can rent out.  How to determine what the best area is, whether you can let a property and what kind of property  the highest yield will get? In Utrecht there are a lot of restrictions in renting out. We can help you.

Buying agent

But there is help. A expat broker can help you in the buying process. Your real estate agent will guide you through the buying process, providing advice about the property values, investment potential and legal requirement.s Luckily there is help! With our full-service package we are here to provide expert guidance for you throughout the buying process. Your estate agent will guide you through the buying process, providing advice on property values, investment potential, finance options and legal requirements. Our job is to make sure that your property buying experience in Utrecht is lovely. We love to find the right fit and find the house that you can call home or a good investment.

Buy a house in Utrecht

To determine your budget it is advisable to see an independent mortgage advisor or bank. During our conversation we will start with a lot of questions. What is important for you and what are your requirements? Which areas are developing? We will also explain the whole buying process in further detail:

  • Making a property profile
  • Search for suitable properties you got mail before Funda
  • Accompany you on all viewings
  • Research on home you choose
  • Checking all the documents
  • Using housing data
  • Advise on the purchase price
  • Negotiate the best deal possible
  • Provide important documents
  • Check the Preliminary Contract of Sale
  • Check the Completion Statement
  • Facilitate the final walk-through
  • Forward you the meter readings
  • Arrange an interpretor
  • Take care of all the loose ends
  • Accompany you at the signing of Transfer Deed
  • Hand over the keys of your new home

We are motivated and passionate about helping you find your dream home. If you are looking for the highest service contact